Brief information of his career

Inoue moved to Berlin in 2018, drawn by his fascination with techno music. He now primarily works in Berlin alongside techno music producers and media artists. Inoue hails from a temple of the Nichiren school, with his father being a priest. From a young age, he was taught Buddhism and had considered becoming a monk. However, he was also deeply inspired by music, partly due to growing up in Roppongi, a town known for its numerous nightclubs.
His background is truly unique, and all his experiences have shaped his present endeavors. After receiving his initial monk's license and before beginning his final training, he took a serious turn towards acting when he was offered a role in a major drama series by NHK, one of Japan's leading television companies.
Midway through his career in Japan, Jan Svankmajer invited him to Prague, Czech Republic. There, Inoue carved out a niche for himself, securing numerous awards for stage production throughout Europe. He also spent three years teaching pantomime and performing arts as an assistant professor at the Czech University of the Arts, A.M.U. Back in Japan, he was actively involved in stage theatre, making appearances at Roppongi Art Night and even being selected as a director for a project by the National Theatre of Japan. After a final stage performance in Avignon, France in 2016, he transitioned into music, having previously composed for his performances and other theatre companies.
In 2018, after his move to Berlin, he released techno music throughout Europe. He capitalized on his diverse experiences when he directed a film in which he played the lead, composed the soundtrack, and handled all editing, earning numerous accolades. He founded "Hachi at", a company fusing web3 technology with art, and has since participated in group exhibitions across Europe and Asia.
Recently, he curated a music installation for Leiko Ikemura's exhibition. Drawing from his extensive stage background, Inoue has begun to design and install music tailored to specific spaces, aiming to encapsulate the artist's worldview. Through all these experiences, he has come to champion an art form centered on spatial design and a minimalist ideology.

井上真鳳 経歴
2018年、ベルリン移住後はヨーロッパを中心にテクノ音楽を数々リリース、映画監督を勤めた作品では、自演、音楽、編集全てを担当した際にこれまでの経験を全て使い、数々の賞を受賞。映像と音楽をコネクトさせたビジュアルアートが、いま自身が表現できるアートのツールと考えメディアアートの活動を始める。WEB3テクノロジーとアートを融合させた自身が代表を務める会社Hachi atを設立。メディアアーティストとしてヨーロッパ、アジアにてグループエキシビジョンに参加。最近ではイケムラレイコ氏の展覧会にて音楽のインスタレーションを担当。今までの舞台経験を活かし、アーティストの世界観を汲み取り、空間に合った音楽をデザイン、インスタレーションする活動を始める。これまでの経験を通して、自身のアートと思想を追求している。
Art Exhibition
September    "SOUL SCAPE SEOUL -Leiko Ikemura Exhibition" Seoul (Korea) 
August           “Play Ground - betahaus -” Berlin (Germany)
                       “Art on Loop” Paris (France) 
July                “Art on Loop” Brussels (Belgium)
                       “Art on Loop“Amsterdam (Netherlands)
                       “Rome International Art Fair” Rome (Italy) 
June               “Play Ground” Berlin (Germany) November     

November    “BERLINVERSE”  Berlin (Germany) 
October        “Transisting” Güthenburg (Sweden)
                      “Between Worlds Old Walls, New Art” Berlin (Germany) 
September   “Asia Berlin Summit” Berlin (Germany)
                      “KIAF” Seoul (Korea) 
April              “IAM UKRAINE” Prague (Czech Republic)
January         “The BODY LANGUAGE” Venice (Italy) 

July                “SYMPHONIA” London (UK) 
June               “Barcelona Contemporary “ Barcelona (Spain) 

Music Release

“Maple Layer” Kyoto Metro Compilation (Kyoto Metro)
"Berlin Calling vol.10” (2020 Eclipse Recordings)
“Gobsmacked V/A” (2020 Gobsmacked Records)
“New Era” (2020 Subwoofer Records)
“Environment EP” (2020 Insane Industry)
“ATOMICA PhaseII” (2020 Insane Industry) 
“Wall” EP (Subwoofer Records)
2021 Awards "I, me..."

"Independent Shorts Awards Festival 2021" (Los Angels, US)
Best First Time Director
Best Film Noir
Best Production Design
Best Sound Design 

"Film Olympia 2021" (Athen, Greece)
Best Sound Design
Best Production Design 
Best Thriller
Best Cinematography
Best Costume Design

"Cannes World Independent Film Festival 2021" (Cannes, France)
Best Silent Film 
Best Indie Short
2015    Golden Medal of Shalikashvili International Mime Festival (Georgea)
2014    Golden Medal of Leonid Yengibaryan International Mime Festival (Armenia)
2013    Best Mime Award of United Solo New York (US)
2012    Best Dance Show Award of Buxton Fringe (England)
2011     Golden Medal of International Mono drama & Mime Festival (Serbia)
            Best Dance Show Award of Buxton Fringe (England)
2010    Inspiration Award of Prague Fringe (Czech Republic)

2023    Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)
2016     Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)  
             Avignon Festival Off (Avignon, France)  
             Roppongi Art Night (Tokyo, Japan)
2015     Adelaide Fringe (Adelaide, Australia) 
             Shalikashvili International Mime Festival (Tbilisi, Georgia)
             Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre (Yerevan, Armenia)  
             Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)  
             Buxton  Fringe Festival (Buxton, England) 
             Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)  
             Woody Theatre Nakameguro (Tokyo, Japan)
2014     Leonid Yengibaryan International Mime Festival (Tsaghkadzor, Armenia)
             Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre (Yerevan, Armenia)  
             Kijimuna Festa (Okinawa, Japan)
2013     Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic) 
             ECPN Festival (Brno, Czech Republic) 
             Otevreno Mime Festival (Kolin, Czech Republic)  
             United Solo (New York, US)  
             ZirCouplet (Berlin, Germany) 
             Istanbul Mime Festival (Istanbul, Turkey)
             Festival de Mimi Teatre Gestual de Reus COS (Reus, Spain)   
             MOVEO (Barcelona, Spain) 
             High Fest (Yerevan, Armenia)  
             Kijimuna Festa (Okinawa, Japan)  
             International Comedy Festival (Fukuoka, Japan)
2012     Prague Fringe Festival (Prague)  
             Otevreno Mime Festival (Kolin, Czech Republic) 
             Namur en mai (Namur, Belgium)  
             Japanese Embassy in Brussels (Brussels, Belgium) 
             Național Theatre Bucharest (Bucharest, Romania )  
             Sibiu International Theatre Festival (Sibiu, Romania)
             Busker Bus Fest (Wroclaw / Zielona Gor, Poland)  
             Physical Theater “InZhest” (Minsk, Belarus) 
             International Theater Festival Belaya Vezha (Brest, Belarus)
             Buxton Fringe Festival  (Buxton, England) 
             Aurillac Festival (Aurillac, France)
             Leonid Yengibaryan International Mime Festival (Tsaghkadzor, Armenia)
             Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre (Yerevan, Armenia)  
             Woody Theatre Nakameguro (Tokyo, Japan)
             Kijimuna Festa (Okinawa, Japan)
2011      Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)
             London Fringe (London, England) 
             Oxford Fringe (Oxford, England) 
             Buxton Fringe Festival (Buxton, England)  
             Bedford Fringe (Bedford, England)
             Barnstaple Fringe (Barnstaple, England) 
             Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland) 
             A.ha Theatre (Bratislava, Slovakia)  
             Japanese Embassy in Moscow (Moscow, Russia)  
             Athens Theatre Festival Fringe (Athens, Greece)  
             International Mono Drama and Mime Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)
 2010    Prague Fringe Festival (Prague, Czech Republic)  
             Amsterdam Fringe (Amsterdam, Netherland)  
             International Mime and Physical Theatre Festival (Skopje, Macedonia)  
             Brighton Festival Fringe (Brighton, England) 
             International Mono Drama and Mime Festival (Belgrade, Serbia)

Work experience
Actor and Teaching experience
2010-13   Teacher assistant professor of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague,AMU (Praha,Czech) 
2007-09   Disk Jocky of TBS Classic radio “OTTAVA” (Tokyo, Japan) 
2006-09   Film Commentator of TV Kanagawa (Kanagawa, Japan) 
1996-08   Stage and TV actor and TV personality (Tokyo, Japan)
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